My Pledge As Your Sheriff

Sheriff William A. Schrom

The Office of Sheriff is perhaps the most unique law enforcement entity in that the Sheriff is elected by the people to represent and protect his or her community.

This places a tremendous amount of responsibility on the person who is placed in such a prestigious and honorable position within our society. I have been honored to serve my community and the Sheriff’s Office for over 29 years. For the past 13 years I have served as the Undersheriff after having been appointed to that position by Sheriff Chris Moss upon his election into office in 2006.

It has been my honor and privilege to serve this many years at the Sheriff’s Office and to be a part of the oldest agency within Chemung County. The Sheriff’s Office was established on March 29, 1836 and has always been led by an elected Sheriff of the people.

As a life-long resident of Chemung County I have always strived to show my commitment and dedication to my career and community by having an excellent attendance record and to always lead by example. My wife and I have chosen to raise our family in a community that we truly love. I fully understand the inherent responsibilities that come with this position and believe that I am fully prepared to accept those accordingly.

It is my pledge, as Sheriff, to always lead with Honor and Integrity and to apply my vast educational background and experience to fulfill my duties and responsibilities that are bestowed upon me by the people who have entrusted me with this tremendous honor!

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Platform Issues

My 5 Main Priorities…

  • School

  • Drug

  • 2nd Amendment



2nd Amendment

Bill Schrom has been instrumental

"Bill Schrom has been instrumental in supporting the school safety plans in the Elmira City School District. His expertise, passion, and commitment towards making school safety a priority are evident through his efforts to bring trained resource officers to our schools. His work on our district level safety committee and his willingness to go above and beyond at any time of day or night, to address questions, concerns, or issues, demonstrate his commitment to our partnership and to the community.”

Superintendent of Schools, Hillary J. Austin

As Chief of the Elmira Police Department

“As Chief of the Elmira Police Department, I am excited to hear the announcement that Acting Sheriff Schrom will be running for Chemung County Sheriff. Schrom is very qualified, with a vast knowledge of the Chemung County Sheriff’s Office and the Chemung County community. Schrom has been an asset to the Elmira Police Department, and I look forward to working with Sheriff Schrom in the future.”

- Chief of Police, Joseph J. Kane

Chemung County

Chemung County residents won’t find a more capable or qualified individual to be their next Sheriff

- Chemung County Executive, Chris Moss

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